At ABOVE, we are connectors at heart.

In a time where screens now dominate our finite time and technology is replacing face-to-face interaction, ABOVE stands uniquely positioned to bring people back together and support our most fundamental human need:


Who We Are

Over the years, ABOVE has quietly become the go-to leader for connecting the most discerning guests with the private luxury and/or one-of-a-kind properties. Founded on the promise of exclusivity, blended with attentive service, ABOVE manages the most exceptional and unique homes and estate available for lease.


ABOVE's concept and unique approach to home and estate rentals can only be found today in the management of the world's pinnacle and iconic hotels. Our process is designed to match our guests with the right luxury home, while delighting both parties through our exclusive and proprietary experiences.

How We Are Different

ABOVE's difference isn't just found in our offerings - it can be traced back to our conceptual DNA. ABOVE was born as a high-end hospitality company, vacation rental, destination management, property management, and global travel agency company all rolled into one. There is no other company in the industry today like ABOVE. Our homeowners enjoy untapped revenues on their primary and vacation homes, while enjoying discounted or "free" vacations or "staycations" with our in-house global travel agency. One of our homeowners said it best, "No better feeling than making considerable income while on vacation!"


'Luxury' by ABOVE , our guests experience something special with every visit. Each home represented can only be approved by our Standards and Selection Board; consequently most home applications received are not able to join the ABOVE luxury brand. This intense and proprietary, 250-point process ensures our homes meet ABOVE's strict and uncompromising luxury standards. This impartial, standards-driven, demanding process separates ABOVE from all the vacation rental companies today. Tight and uncompromising controls give our guests the quality, confidence, and comfort they require. Our guests also benefit from our decades of luxury hospitality experience, unique offering, and local destination expertise. 


'Authentic' by ABOVE represents a brand of homes that are one-of-a-kind properties that are unique to a chosen destination. These homes are in the perfect locations and are rich with local amenities that truly embody the city and feel of the destination. These homes are rare and an exception to our Standards Selection Board. These homes are simply too good to miss, and become the most revisited by our guests.


'Living Local' by ABOVE represents a collection of incredible apartments, condos, and properties geared towards the travelling professional, couples, and small families looking to be in the center of the action.  Typically one to three-bedrooms Living Local properties are conveniently located near the city center, major corporation headquarters, resorts, and other attractions.  Living Local is affordable luxury and lets guests experience the true flavor of a destination and live like a local.


Formed by three luxury hospitalty veterans, and guided by the values of a 5-Diamond Hotel Company, ABOVE  provides its guests and homeowners with an uncommonly high level of consistency through the standardization of amenities, concierge and travel services, experienced hospitality business management, event planning, and true attention to detail missing in today's vacation property experiences.


Homeowners benefit with 5-diamond, hotel like management of their property while enjoying the benefits of managed global travel, while guests enjoy the uncommon experience of luxury service and quality not seen in the vacation rental industry. Only ABOVE puts you at the center of their mission on delivering exceptional experiences - regardless if you are  property homeowner, guest, or associate.


If you are looking for an exceptional level of quality and experience in a vacation rental, we invite you to visit our signature homes.


If you are a homeowner of a luxury and/or unique, one-of-a-kind property who would like to apply to the ABOVE portfolio, please reach out to us.